2016 Videoteaser 2 for the forthcoming album HOW LONG IS NOW!

2016 Videoteaser 1 for the forthcoming album HOW LONG IS NOW!

BB's acoustic number visualized by Marcin! Thanks alot!:)

an extended live version of another BB song taken from the LIVE DVD available now!

Recorded Live 27.06.2009, taken from the forthcoming live dvd!

BB's Open Air Performance in the Hiroshima-Nagasaki-Park Cologne!

BB performed a Rolling Stones Tribute at Herberts Roaring Sixties

BB perfomed a NEW SONG at Parkside Aachen'08!

A New Normal Extreme Gig at Tankstelle Dormagen

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Basic Broadcast - Stormwatchers (Live 2008)
Basic Broadcast - Dedicated Tobacco
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